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For the Informed – A Business can provide Great Wealth-Building Opportunities

The Business Wealth Preservation Group will ensure you become a part of the desired INFORMED business owner group. We will educate you on the vast and varied opportunities that ensure you take advantage of the fact you are a business owner. The tax code is no doubt burdensome and complicated, but the biggest advantages exist for those who own a business. Imagine finally capitalizing on all the benefits and tax planning opportunities that the Fortune 500 companies have lobbied for and taken advantage of for decades on behalf of their businesses, executives, employees, and shareholders. The good news is that you can take advantage of any that align with your short term or long term planning goals and objectives. You have two options – sit back and complain that the big companies get all the breaks or let the Business Wealth Preservation Group help you finally become a part of the INFORMED. Your future depends on it!

Caution – Avoid those companies promoting and selling a one size fits all, generic, boilerplate solution that is not customized to your needs. Avoid those companies using “Quick Fix” seminars and web pages promoting risky Offshore strategies or other risky SCHEMES on the IRS’s hit list or soon to be on the IRS’s hit list. Our strategies are developed from and supported by the black and white language of the IRS Tax Code and Regulations. The Business Wealth Preservation Group understands true tax planning, asset protection and wealth building is necessarily a commitment to a long term relationship. Our relationship will last through the life of your business and into the next generation. If you think this can be accomplished in a relationship that lasts a few short weeks – we wish you luck. Keep our number handy for future reference – you'll need it.


Entity Structure Determination
Risk Management
Asset Protection Planning – Personal Assets
Asset Protection Planning – Business Assets
Strategic Tax Planning – Business and Personal
Expense Planning
Employee Retention Strategies
Compensation and Benefit Planning
Retirement and Tax Deferral Planning
Business Succession Planning
Exit Strategy Planning
Estate Planning
Advanced Shareholder and Business Planning

Maximize the Benefits of Being a Business Owner:

We work with your current professionals to ensure you, as a business owner, are taking advantage of every tax and business planning opportunity that fits with YOUR personal and business goals and objectives.

Imagine the difficulty and expense of assembling and retaining a team of accountants, CPAs, financial planners, benefits experts, corporate attorneys, estate planning attorneys, and more – the good news is you don't have to – because that's the TEAM that The Business Wealth Preservation Group provides for You and Your Business.