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Owning a Business – the Most Powerful (and Legal) TAX SHELTER

Are you paying too much tax? Do you complain the Big Companies get all the breaks? Why? As a
business owner you have the most powerful, wealth-building, tax shelter available. The best opportunities for tax reduction, income generation, benefit and retirement planning, asset protection, and wealth-building are uniquely available to business owners. The IRS will not alert you to the lost opportunities - it's up to you to find and implement these strategies. If you haven't heard about these opportunities – You need our help!

A well-designed legal entity structure permits the owner to determine the amount of income on which
taxes are based. A proper strategic tax plan works throughout the year to minimize and control the amount of income exposed to tax. If the amount of tax that you owe comes as a surprise or shock at the end of year – You need our help!

How much money has the business enabled you to save? If you, as a business owner, are not taking
advantage of sophisticated retirement and tax deferral planning – you are missing one of the most critical tax advantaged, wealth building tools available. If you have not been introduced to planning opportunities beyond a 401(k), SEP, or IRA (those are designed for employees, not business owners) – You need our help!

If you believe tax planning means:

1) Buying equipment you don't need to get a deduction – pay $100 to get a $30 deduction – I will
    gladly give you $30 for every $100 bill you give me!

2) Paying yourself a bonus to pay the taxes – Let me get this straight – you are increasing your taxes
    to pay your taxes – again the idea is to REDUCE your taxes.

If this sounds familiar - You need our help!

Tax Reduction – You must develop a plan to legally reduce your tax bill. Sophisticated tax planning is available to every business owner. You can be an uninformed complainer – or you can do something about it – namely develop tax planning, asset protection strategies to allow you to finally take advantage of the tax system to begin to build your wealth. Decide which group you want to belong to!

If you decide to continue to sit back, complain and do nothing – We need you too! Think about it. In order to pay the legal minimum - the informed group needs business owners who by default agree to OVERPAY their taxes!