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● Are you SURE your personal and business assets
  are protected from business litigation and

● As a business owner are you taking advantage of
  ALL the business and tax planning
  opportunities available?

● Have you properly planned for the exit from your
  business and considered: taxes, audit
  risk and opportunities for tax preferred
  continued income from the business
  after the sale?

● Do you realize that if you are not properly
  complying with corporate formalities -
  (shareholder meetings, updating corporate
  minutes, and avoiding the co-mingling of
  corporate and personal funds and assets)
  a court may permit an adverse party to
  PIERCE your corporate veil and SEIZE
  your personal assets?

● How much of a competitive advantage could
  you create in your market by minimizing
  taxes across the board and REINVESTING
  that money back into the business?

● How much money have you set aside for your
  retirement? How much will you NEED each
  month to support your lifestyle? As a
  business owner, are you taking advantage
  of all the tax advantaged strategies
  available each year to MAXIMIZE your
  nest egg?

Strategic, Proactive and Secure Planning solutions for Taxes, Assets and Wealth Building!

The 5 Deterrents to Wealth Building for Business Owners:

1. Taxes – Income and Payroll

2. Lawsuits

3. Lack of Retirement and Income Deferral Planning

4. Lack of Exit Strategy and Succession Planning

5. Estate Taxes / Inheritance Taxes

The 3 Keys to Asset Protection Planning:

1. Keep Personal and Most Business Assets Out of
    the Reach of Litigation

2. Reduce the Risk of a Potential Lawsuit

3. Minimize the Impact on the Business

Mission Statement

The Business Wealth Preservation Group is a professional services firm dedicated to providing superior individualized and custom service to individuals and their businesses in the areas of asset protection, tax planning, exit strategies, and wealth building. Simply put – we want to educate you on all relevant opportunities to put more dollars into your pocket, your business and your future.

We focus on leading edge, sophisticated, and safe business strategies that will help business owners structure, operate and maintain their business to take advantage of business and tax laws rather than being encumbered by them. We partner with the business, the accountant, and the attorney to ensure the business owners are capturing all available benefits that align with their business and personal goals.

Our Process

To achieve maximum benefit, our process is extremely comprehensive. We start with designing the optimal entity structure to better ensure that assets are safeguarded from litigation, planning opportunities are fully utilized and taxes are reduced to your fair share, legal minimum amount. We develop a comprehensive plan to permit full utilization of all relevant compensation, benefit, retirement, succession, and estate planning strategies to enhance the building of your wealth.

Think About It

"Why would you spend 2500 hours a year (50 hours x 50 weeks) planning how to make your business profitable and so little time planning how to safeguard and maximize the amount of money you put in your pocket!"

Timothy Foster