The Business Wealth Preservation Group is a professional services firm dedicated to providing superior individualized and custom service to individuals and their businesses in the areas of asset protection, tax planning, exit strategies, and wealth building. Simply put – we want to educate you on all relevant opportunities to put more dollars into your pocket, your business and your future.
We focus on leading edge, sophisticated, and safe business strategies that will help business owners structure, operate and maintain their business to take advantage of business and tax laws rather than being encumbered by them. We partner with the business, the accountant, and the attorney to ensure the business owners are capturing all available benefits that align with their business and personal goals.

Our Process

To achieve maximum benefit, our process is extremely comprehensive. We start with designing the optimal entity structure to better ensure that assets are safeguarded from litigation, planning opportunities are fully utilized and taxes are reduced to your fair share, legal minimum amount. We develop a comprehensive plan to permit full utilization of all relevant compensation, benefit, retirement, succession, and estate planning strategies to enhance the building of your wealth.

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