Find Someone to Buy Your Business! Who Wants to Buy Your Business?

Find Someone to Buy Your Business! Who Wants to Buy Your Business?

Who are the Buyers?

  1. Employees
  2. Strategic same or related industry acquirers
  3. High net worth individuals
  4. Private equity firms

What Buyers Want:

  1. Profitable business
  2. Experienced, loyal, and motivated employees
  3. Diverse customer base
  4. Sustainable growth potential
  5. Strategically well structured business – asset / compensation / tax planning

The Buyers

1.  Employees

  • ESOP – Employee Stock Option Plan

- Ideal for companies with:

  • $1 Million or more in earning
  • $1 Million or more in employee payroll

-         $75,000 to $100,000  cost to set up ESOP

2.  Strategic Acquirer

  • Complimentary Company – highest value, lowest risk
  • Non-local Competitor – good value, moderate risk
  • Local Competitor – low value, highest risk

3.  High Net Worth Individual

  • Most common buyer

- Former corporate executive

- Second career baby boomer

- Experienced and financially qualified

- Highly motivated

4.  Private Equity Firms

  • Typical Investment Criteria:

- $10 Million + in sales revenue

- $1 Million + in earnings

- Differentiated product or service

- Proprietary market position

- Strong layer of management

Please Note:  The Business Wealth Preservation Group is not a business broker.  The foregoing information is to provide you with information, knowledge, and an understanding of the obstacles, issues, and opportunities for selling your business.  We can recommend a broker from our list of preferred providers.  Please call us with questions.

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