How Much Is My Business Worth? Finding a Qualified Business Broker!

How Much Is My Business Worth?  Finding a Qualified Business Broker!

What’s a Business Worth?

  • Unlike real estate, comparables cannot be used because every business is entirely unique in costs, expenses, profits, and management
  • Unlike public companies, market share prices are unknown
  • A common mistake is to use multiples of “rules of thumb”

Finding a Qualified, Credible Business Broker

What the Process Should Be:

  1. Assessment of Market Value
  2. Plan and Preparation to Market Business
  3. Strategic Marketing
  4. Screening and Qualifying Potential Buyers
  5. Negotiation
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Closing / Settlement

What a Credible Business Broker Should Offer:

  1. 100% Performance Based
  2. Success Fee paid at close
  3. No Up Front Costs

Please Note:  The Business Wealth Preservation Group is not a business broker.  The foregoing information is to provide you with information, knowledge, and an understanding of the obstacles, issues, and opportunities for selling your business.  We can recommend a broker from our list of preferred providers.  Please call us with questions.

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