Tax Deferral and Income Deferral Strategies

Tax Deferral and Income Deferral Strategies

Tax Deferral – Increase Your Cash Flow

Big corporations understand and practice the following concept.  Does YOUR business?  Use strategic Tax Planning to minimize all current taxes including income, payroll, excise, and sales taxes.  Next, legally defer or delay as much tax as possible. Why pay $10,000 in taxes now if it can be deferred to later years?  Why not use that additional cash flow to create substantially more business income?  Finally, pay the taxes that can’t be reduced or deferred. This will ensure you are paying the minimum amount of tax each year and giving your business the cash flow it needs to survive.  Strategic tax planning sounds simple when you understand it.  Most importantly, with the right professional help, it is very achievable.  If you don’t believe deferred taxes are great for business cash flow and personal wealth building please read this.

Income Deferral – The Time Value of Money

Comprehensive tax planning should include a plan for the methods of accounting and the timing of expenses and revenues.  Planning may permit a business to delay income recognition and accelerate expenses and deductions.  Tax is a cash outlay.  By reducing income subject to tax in a tax year and increasing deductions in a tax year, you reduce the cash outlay for taxes that year.

Depreciation – Knowledge and Planning creates Cash Flow

Have you purchased, built, or modified a building, office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility?  A review of the depreciation method that you are using could significantly reduce your taxes this year and create substantial cash flow.  Read the Cost Segregation Section of our Blog for a detailed explanation. and select Cost Segregation

Finally learn how to keep more of the money your business earns!  Call us for help or with questions!

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