Tax Planning During a Recession

Tax Planning During a Recession

With the continued economic issues, many business owners struggle to maintain revenue and profits.  While the economic pundits pontificate about the severity and length of the current recession, it will clearly ease at different times for different industries.  The real question for you, is can my business survive the storm and thrive in the next economy.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make, is a failure to engage in proactive tax planning.  There is a myth that tax planning is not necessary if business profits are declining.  If you buy into this myth, or ease your mind by convincing yourself you don’t have the time to think about it, you are greatly increasing the odds that your business will fail. Remember, tax compliance is a necessary evil; tax planning creates and capitalizes on opportunities.

Tax planning in good times will significantly increase your income, cash flow, and personal wealth building.  Tax planning in difficult economic times may create the cash flow that enables you to survive. If taxes are your third or forth largest expense, can you really afford to ignore them!!  You shop and negotiate every cost, purchase, and expense associated with your business, but blindly write those checks to the IRS and state.  Why??

Read our Blog for critical information regarding:

- Proper utilization and planning for current and prior Net Operating Losses

- Income and Tax Deferral

- Health and Retirement Benefits

- Payroll Taxes

- Owner specific Compensation and Benefit Planning

- Proper Documentation and Implementation of Tax Planning and Strategies

Finally learn how to keep more of the money your business earns!  Call us for help or with questions!

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